Friday, February 8, 2013

Well Hello Blog

Oh blog, I've been neglectful.

Recap of the last three months?

1. Thanksgiving!
2. Christmas and A New Family Member!
3. School for three of us!

 Meet Bronxie! Half Mini Australian Shepherd, half Dachsund, 100% awesome.

 Jamie's lovely curls are finally long enough that they reach her shoulders. And she even lets me take pictures while she is busy eating candy.

Zoo fun! I love this picture so much.
And some Groucho fun.
 Our Christmas Card :)

 More zoo fun!

Bronxie and his dad, Hitch. He looks just like him, but with his mom's coloring.

The Hinckley Thanksgiving festivities included a No Talent Show. McKay and I put together a guitar-accordian duet of (ready for it?) "Baby (One More Time." Yes. Britney Spears. And it was fantastic.
In charge of Thanksgiving appetizers, as usual, and to my relief (no pressure on appetizers, and no hard and fast traditions. This year we had Spinach Artichoke Dip, a Brie Dip, Pepper Jack and Ham Hushpuppies, and Pecan Apricot Blue Cheese Crossaints. Yum!)

A new family picture!

 Our growing babies!

 And...Christmas morning!

 It actually snowed on Christmas Day, and only on Christmas Day. Magical.
 Oh, and we made a roast duck for our Christmas dinner.
 And he, he himself, The Grinch, carved the Roast Beast.
A tuckered out Christmas puppy.
And a not so happy first day of preschool. She had a blast there, it was just the pictures she objected to. Actually, it was me MAKING her pose for a picture that was so offensive. Tyler manhandling her didn't help anything.

So there you have it! Three months in one post. I make no promises for the future, but as I was scrolling through our old posts and laughing at the funny things and pictures, I felt a bit guilty that we'll probably forget most of what has happened since I last blogged. So here's hoping!

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