Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Tyler and Jamie's school had a big Valentine's Day party today. This was the first year they've exchanged valentines with their friends, and Tyler was SO excited!
 Tyler signing his valentines very carefully...

 Look how legible it's becoming!
 These were Jamie's valentines to share with her friends, but--
 she had other plans.
 My handsome little scholar!
Cute even in her rage at being photographed.  
I may or may not have allowed her to be smothered with love by Bronxie in retaliation.

Happy Valentine's Day! Oh boy. I feel like this is one of those Pinterest fails.

Saw it on Pinterest:

Brother and Sister

Nailed it.

Ah, well. It can't be perfect picture day everyday.

Unless your name is Bronx .(Almost too big for his bed! Sniff sniff.)

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