Saturday, February 23, 2013


I've secretly been keeping track of the funny things Tyler and Jamie have been saying and doing recently:

When I asked him what store Tyler went to (Home Depot), He said "Home Sweet Home."

Jamie has been watching me try to teach Bronxie tricks, so lately she has been picking out single pieces of his food from his bowl and re-teaching Bronxie how to sit: "Ronsie sit Ronsie sit? Good boy Ronsie!" Of course he completely ignores her, and of course she still give him the treat.

Jamie has been trying to quote movies to me. When she tried to tell me something that Muno had said: "He say, he say, he say, he say...."Banana!"

While riding in the jogging stroller, Tyler told me to "Watch out for that gi-naked rock!" (gigantic :) )

While watching Brave, Tyler wanted to know why Princess Merida wants to change her "feet".

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