Monday, April 25, 2011

Visitors from the West

Grandpa Eatough flew into Dallas for a quick business trip last week, and we packed as many fun things into those 48 hours as we could: Tex-Mex, Wall-e, crazy thunderstorms, and of course:

The Angels came to play against the Rangers, so we had to take my dad to see L.A. humiliated. But...

here's my dad on the phone with my mom, and they are both laughing because the Rangers got spanked on their own turf.

Tyler shook it off like a trooper:

Cracked some peanuts for Grandpa to eat (none for Tyler, thank you)

And conned Grandpa into going outside the stadium to look at the trolleys.

Watching Wall-e, and quite ready for bed. Thanks for playing, Grandpa, we miss you already! (And happy birthday yesterday, too)

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