Monday, April 18, 2011

Out in Them Thar Hills

Last week we headed south of Dallas to a little town called Ennis, outside the Dallas metroplex and in the country. This town is what I pictured when McKay first told me he was from Texas: giant water towers, rolling green hills, places like Bubba's BBQ, and cows and horses everywhere. This is where they hold the annual Bluebonnet Festival.

Big welcoming banners over Main street.

Munchin on the state flower. Don't tell the sherriff.

We have official verification from posting these pictures on facebook: these kids are cute!

I loved Ennis! We're starting to look around the Dallas area for a place to put our roots down, and (gasp!) get a real house. I'm sure I'm romanticizing the Texas country, but I can see Tyler and Jamie running around in bluebonnets every spring, and riding their bikes down country roads in the summer. I'd probably hate it after a year, being stuck in the country with hospitals and family and Walmart more than ten minutes away and being eaten alive by bugs, heat and humidity every time you step outside.

But can you blame me for wanting to look out my kitchen window and see this?

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