Thursday, August 12, 2010

Put on Your Shoes!

"The answer to boredom is this: put your shoes on!"

Summer 2010 Bucket List Update


Play hopscotch

Go swimming

Go the the park

Go to the library

Go to the Galleria playground

Catch fireflies

Go see Joseph

Still to Do:

Send Daddy on a treasure hunt

Take a picture each hour for a day

Make root beer

Get ice cream cones

Go see the Declaration of Independence

Go on a picnic

Go to the Farmer's Market

Wash the car

Fly kites

Go to the zoo

Go to a farm

Visit the Grassy Knoll

Go to the lake

Go watch airplanes at the airport

Go see the trains at Children's Medical Center of Dallas

Play at the Fountain Place

Go to Hands on Museum

Visit Pioneer Plaza

Go Ice Skating at Galleria

Visit Deep Ellum

Go to a summer Symphony concerts

Try a new kind of food

1 comment:

The Grandmoo said...

Wow Katie, you are doing a great job hitting your summer 2010 Bucket List. How are Tyler and Jamie enjoying this whirlwind schedule. It really sounds like fun. How is McKay doing on his new job, is it what he wants to do? How is Tyler and Jamie bounding? Does Tyler want to play with her? Keep up the good job on your list.