Saturday, August 28, 2010

Arts and Crafts for Mommies

If you check out the links I have on the side bar here, most of them are crafty blogs. I am ADDICTED to them! U-Create, Make It Love It, All Things Thrifty, I check them all everyday, and more often than not, I come away from them with a few new ideas. I have a folder on our computer full of to-do projects. I rave about them so much that I've got McKay's mom hooked too. She doesn't have babies to get up with anymore, so she can stay up until 2 AM blog-hopping and perusing and idea collecting. Lucky!

Anyway, I did finally get one finished:

These are animal alphabet blocks, and they're on the wall above Tyler's bed (just out of reach!).

They are already doing their job! He's been so interested in them, and has been picking up on the letters fast! Now if we could just get him to look at some of the other letter beside S (snake), W (whale, or "fishy"), and B (buggy-fly).


Cindy said...

These look great! I am so excited for you to have them done and up on the wall!!!

Marie said...

Katie, these are so cute! Now on to the next project, right? :)