Sunday, August 8, 2010

How many times have you cried today?


#1: Tyler rubbed half a tube of Desitin into his hair.

#2: We watched Dumbo, and you know that scene with Mrs. Jumbo and Dumbo cuddling outside the window of her jail makes you teary too.

#3: On my way to bed after a 4 AM feeding, I couldn't get the childproof doorknob on our bedroom door open in the dark.

So, to offset an unusually blubbery day, we have some silly Jamie smiles below. (They're from Photobucket because Blogger is having issues posting pictures)

(Yay! I finally got it to work!)


Cindy said...

I'm so sorry, sweetie--I would have cried too! On the other hand, you can't get much cuter than those little pictures of Jamie :):):)

Kim said...

Blame it on post-pregnancy hormones. I was driving one day last week and heard, "I Loved Her First" from Heartland on one of the local country music radio stations & completely lost it thinking of Brandon dancing with Maddie at her wedding. I blamed it on pregnancy hormones, but I really think you become more emotional after you have children. For example, try not to cry when Ariel says, "I love you Daddy" at the end of "The Little Mermaid". I won't even attempt to watch "Dumbo" in my present state. I've turned into a complete emotional basketcase. :)

The Desatoff Family said...

Oh my Katie Bug! I'm so sorry :) I love you and wish I could fly out to Texas right this minute. I cried yesterday but it was tears of pain after stepping on Adam's toy cars :) And stay far away from Dumbo. That is a dangerous movie!