Monday, December 14, 2009

Today was our second doctor's appointment for Baby #2. Twelve weeks this week, and we were ready to hear a heartbeat!

We talked to Dr. Jacobs for a little bit about our cruise and scuba diving. Then he got out his cool little heartbeat reader and his sub temperature tummy jelly. McKay had the camcorder rolling. But after a minute or so of all three of us listening to silence, Dr. Jacobs frowned. Then he said the battery was low on this one, and went to grab another battery. He was back in a minute with a fully charged heartbeat reader. But after a minute or so of skating around on my tummy, there was still just static. I was starting to feel panicked, and McKay's smile had disappeared. Our doctor referred us to the ultrasound part of the clinic right away. We had to wait to get in for about 15 minutes. We tried to read the office magazines, so we wouldn't have to think too much. Finally, they called us back into the ultrasound room. The nice lady in there brought out her warmed tummy jelly, and flipped on her monitor.

Baby Hinckley is fine! It's just fond of bending over in ways that make it difficult to read a heartbeat. We were so relieved to know everything was okay! It was too soon to tell a gender, but let me tell you, this baby is active. It was jumping all over the screen, flapping its little arms and swimming around. The ultrasound lady said it was holding its own aerobics class, but I think it was just excited to see us. It waved at us, too.

We showed these pictures to Tyler, and he thinks the first one is a monster. He kept roaring at it. It does sort of look like a skeleton face :)

We have some of the swimming recorded, but I can't find the cords in all our packing. Maybe once we're in Texas I'll try to post it, because it's really cute.

Also, I think this will be our last post while still in Utah, as all this packing and cleaning is wearing me out. See y'all in God's country!


Milloy Family said...

I am so glad everything turned out okay. I bet you and McKay aged about 10 years in those 15 minutes. How stressful. Silly baby Hinckley was just too busy to stay in one spot. Good luck with the move & travel safely- we love you guys! We will miss you at Christmas. I am kicking myself for not taking more Tyler/Maddie pictures at Thanksgiving. I just assumed you'd always be around. :) I guess we can't hog you forever, we have to let the Hinckleys have some Katie, McKay, & Tyler time too. Love you1

Mom said...

THAT was super scary..I had to read really fast because I was starting to get upset! Common sense told me we would have heard from you if anything was not good. So yeah, much better now..we love you all. Y'all pace yourselves..don't be afraid to ask for help. Ship Tyler to me, we'll just live at Disneyland until he gets tired of the Casey Jr. choo choo!

The Grandmoo said...

Wow that was really scary. I had just talked to you yesterday and I knew that everything had to be alright.I bet you and Mckay turned gray for those few minutes. Please bve safe as you drive to Texas. We will all miss you and love you. Thank the Lord that we have your blog and our cell phones to keep in touch. Love you all, Your Granmoo

The Parsons said...

Yay for baby!
Boo for moving further away from me