Tuesday, December 1, 2009


2009 is an Eatough year for Thanksgiving, so we packed our little family in the car and drove the torturous nine hours to sunny skies and large numbers of Eatough family members. Here were my favorite parts of our three days in California:

  • The new Eatough Thanksgiving lay-out, in my parents beautiful, remodeled, totally baby-unfriendly home:

  • Poker and Risk nights! I did not win either, although I attribute my loss at Poker to my Uncle Gordy farting until I left the table, and then Richard stole all my chips.

  • Beatles Rock Band with most of my siblings. My favorite moment of that was Kristen and Lauren singing "I Am the Walrus," and neither knew the lyrics, which resulted in this line in perfect unison: "Yellow mustard custard dripping from a dead dog's eye...Ewww!"

  • Annie Skyy! Just a little, little girl, who changed even over the few days we were there! I love newborns! (I'm making a weird face, but the other pictures were too blurry.)

  • Disneyland! Including churros, 3D glasses, Dumbo and Tyler meltdowns in several lines:

  • Lunch with Grandma Sandi at the scrumptious Calimesa Royale Restaurant. Best biscuits and gravy ever! Grandma crocheted me a new Christmas scarf, too!

  • Multiple In N' Out trips:

Not so favorite moment:

  • Tyler caught a cold and slept horribly the first few nights, resulting in this noise for much of Thanksgiving dinner and the ride home:

Except for that, we had a great trip! Thanks for having us, Mom and Dad! Love you, and hopefully we'll see you all soon!

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