Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas At The Hinckley Home

The Christmas tree is up.

Half the ornaments are missing already.

We are selling candy canes (not really).

We've been out for Chinese food, as per Hinckley tradition.

And the countdown has begun ( until we move ;-)).

But I must say, the Christmas spirit has not spread to our home quite yet this year.

We are too worried about Michael Schofield.

We are so obsessed with this show, it is ridiculous. It's like 24 on steriods. When we're done with this season, we'll have time for Christmas. But until then, Fox River Penitentiary calls.


The Desatoff Family said...

Oh my gosh. Prison Break is SO addicting. Season 1 was insane. I couldn't watch it alone at night or I freaked myself out :) Good luck with the Michael Schofield withdrawal symptoms. I've been waiting over a year for our library to get the 2nd season! Katie, I am so sad you are moving away from the Beehive State. Even though I never see you guys, it is comforting to know I have some family in this state :( Boo hoo! The only consolation is knowing you are so excited to go.

The Coxes said...

I love your Christmas tree!! Hopefully some of the ornaments will stay on, with little Tyler around. I'm sure this is super exciting for him! Kendy :)