Monday, August 11, 2014

August 3 - August 9

Sunday: We jetted up to Plano as quick as we could, but we were still about 5 minutes late to sacrament (dang!). We were there in time for baby Arya’s blessing. Little Arya is just a little under two weeks old, but most of Michelle’s family was in town, so they did it a bit earlier than usual. Kevin, David, Patrick and McKay were all in the circle together, which was pretty neat. Cindy later commented that it was the first time that she had seen all four of her “boys” officiating together in that chapel since they were all young men blessing and passing the sacrament together ten or more years earlier. David commented later on the continuity as well. I love this family! We had a yummy fajitas dinner, took some pictures, and of course, ate cake J

Jamie made fast friends with this little girl named Addy. 

Monday: Mckenzie was so sweet to watch Jamie during the morning while I took Tyler to the pediatric dentist to have his lower incisor teeth pulled. His adult incisors were coming in too soon to erupt through the normal pathway, and would have ended up slightly behind his baby incisors. Dr. Andy was quick, and it was over quickly, but not without much crying. Poor Tyler. I felt awful for my little guy, and I walked him and his gauze-filled, tingling mouth to meet McKay for lunch.

Tyler obviously didn’t eat much, but he really enjoyed all the Jamie-free time with just Mom and Dad. And his temporary, unmitigated control of the iPhone. That night, McKay gave Tyler a father’s blessing. Tyler packed his teeth into his tooth pillow and eagerly went to bed.

Tuesday: The Tooth Fairy came! A dollar and a quarter per tooth for this guy! Most unfortunately, it was also Tyler’s first day of school, so he had to put his money away and go to school.
McKay drove him there and walked him into his class. I went running once he got back, but McKay was feeling yucky and went to lay down. He ended up taking a four nap while Jamie and I played and cleaned up the house. Tyler came home from his first day with the color blue, a new option this year! He starts out on green each day, and then goes up to blue, and then purple.

Wednesday: After I dropped Jamie off for one day in her blue school, and Tyler at Heights, I had my very last EKG class. We finished up our lecture, and then our professor set up an EKG simulation for us to practice our care of someone who is experiencing various dysrhythmias. Our job was the call out the next step of treatment, including giving another mil of epi, or defribrillating again. It did not go well J Our professor chided the upperclassmen. “S1s, stop letting the J2s kill the patient!” After, I picked up groceries and had enough time for a quick lunch with McKay again. This whole all-kids-in-school situation is sah-weeet! That night I had my final quiz and submitted all the homework. I ended up with a 97% in the class, which is awesome. I will take any A I can get in this crazy program!

Thursday: Jamie and I trucked up to Plano after we dropped off Tyler at school. We went to this amazing thrift shop with Cindy, played with Addy and her mom and baby sister Evelyn, and then while Jamie watched a quiet time movie, I pictures of Arya. I may have squealed. Many times.

Friday: Take Your Superhero to Work Day at Match! Jamie was so excited. Tyler was not happy that he had to go to school instead. He sulked all the way, and stomped off to class. Ah, well. Jamie had such a great time.

Jamie didn't care much for this Ninja Turtle. She made me pick her up when it walked by us, and she whispered to me that "he has a really big head, mom."

Jamie found some friends right away that had an iPad.

Learning superhero moves.

Very excited for making superhero masks!

I love this hallway in Match. They keep every letter and wedding announcement that their success stories send in, and display them all down this long hall.

After, I activated an older iPhone that Cindy gave me a few years ago. Yessss, I am now 2009 current! Tyler was sooo super grumpy when I picked him up. He whined the whole way home, even though we brought him treats and a balloon animal. I lost my patience pretty fast, and figured out why later. I had caught what McKay had had a few days earlier. I went to sleep way early, around 7PM. McKay was the best dad that night: he painted Tyler's face so Tyler could be in on the fun too. 

Saturday: We had a hankering for the park, so as soon we could, we ran over to the park. It was so early that we were the only ones there. Thank goodness, because Bronxie needed freedom to run like mad all over the place.
Gotta have fancy princes gloves at the park!

Crazy boys :)
Jamie started to learn how to swing herself, albeit very grudgingly. If she had her way, she’d have me pushing her on the swing for all eternity. Much to Tyler and Jamie’s disgust, we spent a big part of the rest of the day shopping all over for Jamie’s last minute things for school. I also may have gotten another Lauren Conrad dress :) We visited the Dallas LDS bookstore for the first time looking for a handout for my YW lesson the next day. I didn’t find anything for that, but I DID find this second print edition of Mormon Doctrine, which is super rare and awesome and with all sorts of crazy in it.


  • Tyler kept asking for "em em ems" (M&Ms).
  • After we got home from the dentist. Tyler was worried about his extracted teeth in the tooth boxes. "What if my teeth wake up in the boxes?!" (Dr. Andy had explained to Tyler that his teeth were "going to sleep" so he wouldn't feel anything.)
  • Tyler thought it was really funny that he kept trying to itch his tongue with his bottom pointy teeth, but was forgetting that they weren't there anymore.
  • Jamie: While she was painting her purple shield at the Superhero Party, she let me know that she wasn't done yet, because she needed to get all the "peek-a-boos". Those turned out to be the little spots that she had missed :)

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Joel Haynes said...

Oh, poor Tyler! I hope he wasn't that scared of the dentist afterwards. Having your tooth pulled out like that could be frightening, but hopefully it was remedied by the visit of the tooth fairy. Perhaps on his next appointment, he won't be that scared anymore. I hope the missing tooth didn't bother him much on his first day at school. Take care!

Joel Haynes @ Herrin Pediatric Dentistry