Sunday, June 1, 2014

May 24 - May 31

Sunday, May 25: McKay has reached a new level of geocaching; he made his own for other fellow cachers to find. He did a simple one, and then tried a more elaborate, multi-step one.
This is the gorgeous park he hid his cache in. It has something to do with underwater; pretty crafty!

During church, poor Lynnette had to throw together a YW lesson at the last second since everyone else was out of town (except me, but I had just taught a few weeks earlier).

Monday, May 26: Happy Memorial Day! During the day, Tyler, Jamie and I made a really yummy patriotic Berry Trifle to take to the barbecue at Kevin and Cindy’s in Plano. The trifle was made of strawberries, blueberries, cream cheese whipped cream, and the best homemade pound cake recipe ever. There was really no need for ice cream with this trifle, it was definitely rich enough to stand alone, but just in case, we brought a half gallon of Bluebell’s Red, White, and Blue ice cream. Kevin’s expertly smoked ribs were out of control good, and pretty too! The cousins had a really fun time playing in the front yard after dinner, riding bikes and decorating the sidewalk for “Moo-morial day”.
Jamie passed out on the way up to Plano, and Tyler was highly amused.

All the Texas Cousins, youngest to oldest!

Happy Moo-morial Day!


Tuesday, May 27: Tyler’s very last day of kindergarten! We sent Ms. Hobson a fun card and a gift card for her very favorite place :)
She is being promoted to assistant principal next year, and we are so proud of her, and so glad she was Tyler’s teacher this year. He grew so much academically and socially under her wing, and while we’re sad to see her leave the school, I’m excited to see her dream coming true. 

Wednesday, May 28: The kids, Bronx and I jogged to the park Wednesday morning to celebrate the first day of summer vacation.

That evening was Tyler's last T-ball game, and he got an out while he was on first base! After the game, the whole team went out to dinner, and as the unofficial champions of the league (they don’t officially keep track), they got these huge trophies! Tyler is so, so proud of himself, and rightfully so :)

Thursday, May 29: We had our weekly playgroup at Mckenzie's house. The kids made bird feeders, and then we walked to the park near McKenzie’s house to let the kids run and play.
 Tyler and Jamie hung their bird feeders in our trees in the backyard, but they don’t appear to be tempting the birds even a little. I guess bugs are better? There was a quilting night at Barbara Benac’s that night. I brought all Jamie’s special baby clothes with me that I’ve been saving to make a quilt with, if I could ever figure out how to quilt J Barbara is the quilting queen, and showed me this amazing French Rose quilt she had done. I was so impressed with it, and decided to use that pattern for Jamie’s.

Here’s hoping I work up the courage to finish it! I had lots of fun with all other ladies.

Friday, May 30: The kids and I trooped up the 75 to shop with Cindy at their Plano Salvation Army that was having a dollar day for kids clothes. I got a boatload of really cute, really nice clothes for Jamie (Gymboree, OshGosh, BabyGap, AMAZING haul), and then spent the afternoon in her living room taking off the stapled tags (this is an art form if you aren't going to ruin the clothes), just talking while the butter knives did their work and Tyler and Jamie played upstairs. I have the best mother-in-law, and I love spending time with her :) Back home, I made McKay help me paint two new bookshelves for our living room, which turned out awesome.
I still need to add trim to the edges and beadboard wallpaper to the back, but for now, I am so pleased with it. I think it makes our living room feel very grand :)

Saturday, May 31: Saturday morning we went to a pool party birthday party for Jamie’s friend Hallie. Jamie picked out this fun bouncy ball for her present :)
The kids had so much fun at the party, I could hardly pull them out of the pool when it started raining!

That night, Reid watched the kids while we went to see our friends’ band The Ones You Loved down in Deep Ellum, and then caught a show at the Dallas Comedy Club. We also grabbed burgers at the Twisted Root; I love Deep Ellum! I got the worst pictures, but we had so much fun.

Those are fried green beans, my friends. And the burger? That is a Sexy Hawaiian; pineapple, pepper jack, teriyaki sauce and prosciutto. Om nom nom.

It had been a long time since we had gone out together not to the opera :)

Funny Things:
  • Jamie was lying flat on the floor, staring at the ceiling and idly tapping her foot on the ground, and informed me: “I’m very busy right now.”
  • Edison was upset about something while all the cousins were playing together. Tyler patted his back, and very concerned, said, "Don't be like that Edison; it's Memorial Day!"
  • Tyler couldn’t remember the babysitter’s name, and kept calling Reid "Rude”.
  • Jamie wanted snacks, but she specified she wanted girl snacks. McKay asked would she like a wedge salad?

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