Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 8 - June 14

Sunday, June 8: I had a rough Sunday this week. Our YW lesson was on the priesthood, and there were some pretty brutal opinions about feminism and Ordain Women. I walked out of there feeling pretty bruised, when a shaken friend pulled me aside to tell me she had been called into the bishop’s to talk about her reluctance to include a paragraph about gender roles in her Primary lesson. She didn’t get into trouble, but I felt pretty worn out by the end of church. 

The lone ray of sunshine at church was Jamie's very first talk in Primary!
She got nervous, even though she and McKay had practiced a bunch that morning. She kept sticking her fingers in her mouth, and getting quieter and quieter, until McKay would gently pull her fingers out. She was so stinkin' cute! After church, we went on another hike to the Joppa Nature Preserve in south Dallas.

Highlight: we saw a lovely old man in a miniskirt. On our way home, the skies were so beautiful.

Monday, June 9: It was rainy all day so we stayed in cleaning up from the weekend and playing games. I finished putting together our family book for 2006-2008, after working on it here and there for a few months. Now I just have to send it in, but I'm waiting for one of those 30% sales to make it less painful! After McKay got home, we went to the dollar theater to see the Lego Movie! Tyler and Jamie had already seen it with our friend Lisa, but McKay and I hadn’t. I went into it with pretty low expectations, and no idea what the premise was, but holy cow I laughed so hard. Jamie snuck into my lap in the middle of the movie and snuggled with me for the rest.

Tuesday, June 10: Our library has tons of fun activities this summer. This Tuesday they hosted Forney's Little Zoo.

Wednesday, June 11: We went to Legoland with Mckenzie, Ruby and Jack. Tyler and Jamie had so much fun showing Ruby all the craziness there.

J2 clinical placements finally were posted! I have Women’s Health at Parkland, and Adult I at Denton Regional. That’s a hike, ya’ll, I’ll have to leave my house by 5:15 to make sure I’m there by 6:15. But I'm excited to have Parkland, that's a coveted spot! It caters mainly to inner city patients, so there are tons of unexpected happenings and complications. Sad for the patients, but interesting/educational for nursing students :) I had dinner with a few girlfriends at PeiWei, and then went to meet Richard, my little brother who is in DFW working for the summer. We grabbed burgers and I showed him around Uptown.

It was so nice to see him, and I am excited to spoil him Texas-style this summer! Sad part of the day: I found out the awful news that Kate Kelly and John Dehlin are being summoned to church disciplinary councils. I am so, so sad.

Thursday, June 12: I took Richard and his friend/roommate to Costco to fill up their sad empty bachelor pantry. It was rainy, and against my better judgement, I took I-635, the wild west of DFW freeways. It's constantly under construction, it's always congested, and people are known to drive carelessly. Sure enough, I got a bit of a “bump”. A guy in the far left lane quickly crossed three lanes of traffic to try to make his exit in time, not noticing that I was in the far right lane. He hit my side view mirror hard enough to slam it along its swivel. It didn't break. Neither did he (haha!). He kept on going, and I was so freaked out that my car was banged up that I just exited the freeway. I hate, hate, hate car incidents, and I was jumpy for hours afterwards. After I calmed down a bit, I got on with the day, and I took the kids to Plano to help Michelle and Patrick clean out the upstairs of Kevin and Cindy’s to get it ready for them to move into!

Friday, June 13: We normally never see a movie in the regular theater (dollar theater, what what), let alone on opening day, but we don't mess around when it comes to the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. Tyler, Jamie and I trooped up to our Cinemark and caught the first showing of the day.
I'll word this carefully so as not to exaggerate: How to Train Your Dragon 2 is the best thing in the history of ever.Go see it, you won't regret it! When we got home, we made blueberry yogurt Popsicles.

Saturday, June 14: We went to the building workshop at Lowe's to build Toothless (how timely!)

Just after finishing her Toothless, she trapped him under this basket and sat on it for a half hour while watching a show. She told me that Toothless was her prisoner...?
Later, after McKay got home, I slipped away for a much needed Kohl's shopping trip for me. While I shopped, McKay took the kids up to Kevin and Cindy's for a half-sleepover so we could attend this year's Throwback festival, the fourth annual concert, and our third time going.
Pearl Jam!


Funny Things: 

Tyler: "I am excited to see Uncle Richard! Is he a little bit black?"

Jamie: At bedtime: "No! It's not 'jammies' time! It's still 'good morning' time!"

Tyler: Looking at a red-eye picture of Jamie, in a very tender and caring voice: "Oh, look at her adorable eyes."

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