Monday, May 5, 2014

April 20 - April 26

We had a lovely Easter morning, complete with an egg hunt and baskets bursting with toys and goodies. These cute kids looked great for Easter Sunday, especially Jamie with her Elsa hair. Erica at church handed out this fun Easter Egg set to tell the story of the Resurrection, one symbol at a time. I took mine home and did it with the kids, and Jamie LOVES it. We’ve done it at least once a day for the last week; this girl knows the story! We had Easter dinner at David and Marie's, and it was wonderful to see everyone and Tyler and Jamie had a blast with their cousins, but my goodness I was so tired. Poor Michelle (who is pregnant and exhausted) and I kept making eye contact and just sort of nodding like "Why can't we just sleep right now?" McKay and I collaborated to make this fun carrot cake. 

This was the last full week of classes for me. Thank goodness! On Thursday Jamie and I had a lovely day at home doing absolutely nothing. I am so, so worn out from school that I seriously needed a real down day. Jamie and I watched movies and ate snacks all day. There was a fire drill at my school; apparently the cadavers in the PT school on the fifth floor caught fire??  Tyler’s had his first t-ball practice of the season. I had my final simulation lab in Concepts, and it went so badly; thank goodness I'm not being graded on it until my last semester. Ms Martin told me that Jamie really opened up during their singing time with Mrs. Marshall, and she and her cute little friend Anabelle put on a show for everyone singing Let It Go.Tyler had his spring concert at school, and then his first T-ball game that afternoon, so we had to dash to the store in between to grab base pants and a matching set of socks. On Saturday, we jogged to the park with Bronx, and spent the morning there, and then Tyler had T-ball practice in the afternoon.

Lovely tulips from McKay :)

Funny things:
1.  Jamie adopts a new favorite line from Frozen every few days, and will recite it over and over to me. Her current favorite is: "And by the way, I don’t see no ring!", complete with finger waggling. It's hilarious.

2. Jamie spent much of the park visit singing songs from Frozen. Loudly. Unfortunately, there was only line she knew: "FOR THE FIWRST TIME IN FOREVEWR!!!" Over. And over. Some kids begged her to stop. Some kids joined in. It was a spectacle.

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