Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sugar and Spice

This girl and I have a serious obsession with fluffy, tulle-y pink dresses. The more ruffles, bows, and general poofiness, the better. I passed by Target's clearance Easter dresses in the baby section last week, and well, there are a few more dresses in Jamie's closet now. Also, my friend Jeanette's little girl grew out of her 2T dresses, and we were the happy recipients. Thanks Jeanette (and Izzie!)

Jamie loves carrying around her dresses and shows, but she only likes trying on her big beautiful dresses for about five minutes. Just after I took this picture, she turned to me, handing me handfuls of the tulle layer of her dress, saying, "All done! All DONE!"

Some people (Mom) think I'm a bit overboard with the flowers and dresses and pink, but this story always sends me flying for accessories: McKay's mom Cindy's first baby was a girl. Soon, Cindy had more babies, and little time for dressing her little girl in adorable things. Assuming she would have more girls, she just dressed her baby girl in regular clothes. Wouldn't you know it, she only had boys after that. AND NEVER GOT THE CHANCE TO GO NUTS. Moral of the story? Go nuts. Make 6 inch flowers to go on an eight inch newborn head. Get dresses that are so volumous your little girl can't see her matching pink ballerina shoes. (Squee!)

(Sorry for the overload of this picture if you already saw it on Facebook. You know you love it enough to see it twice, admit it.)

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Scott and Jen Driggs said...

I agree!!! Love my little girl..and she will be the only one so I am living it up until she is old enough to stop me. :)