Thursday, February 2, 2012

As long as we're delving into ancient history

McKay and I took a three day trip into Dallas last August (I know, we live in Dallas. But you can't walk leisurely around the arts district at midnight with a then three year old and one year old.) Our awesome friends took our babies for a few days, and we had an AWESOME time.
All mine

Ohhhh, sore feet after walking miles around downtown after dinner in four inch heels. These shoes were not made for walking.

Recovered. Why is this underlined?
This was so fun to see our city like normal, non-parent people, and also just to get away from responsibility for a few days. Thanks Dallas! Seriously, what's with the underlining?

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The Desatoff Family said...

What a nice relaxing getaway! You two are very smart to make time just for husband/wife adventures. It will pay you back over and over in the future :)

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