Saturday, October 30, 2010

California Trip #3: Disneyland!

Our last trip to Disneyland was just past Tyler's 2nd birthday, and it was spectacular!

This trip at 3 years old....

We still had fun. We just had to find out what Tyler wanted to do.

For example, Tyler did NOT want to:

Ride the rides.

Or get too close to Buzz or any other large characters.

However, we found he DID want to:

Chase this boy's bubble gun bubbles.

WATCH the rides. For an hour.

Run around in this water play area in California Adventure. We were here for 90 minutes!

Miss Annie Skyy loved it too, but just watching her crazy cousin get soaked.

I think Tyler's favorite part of the day was spending time with Grandpa Eatough. They watched the Pixar parade together, went on rides together (that he refused to go on with me, by the way) and ate lots and lots-

-and LOTS of kettle corn. Grandpa made sure Tyler was actually able to fall asleep clutching the remains. What a pair.

Oh, well. We are now experts on navigating Disneyland with three-year-olds.

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