Thursday, October 28, 2010

California Trip #2: Pumpkin Patch

Who knew a Petting Zoo could be so danger-ridden?

Beware of the ill-tempered goats!
and surly sheep!
They jump Grandpas,
corner three year olds,

and eat baby socks.


Actually nibbled it off her foot, chewed it up and swallowed it down.

(Towards the end, the goats seemed increasingly bent on seperating me and Tyler, so we didn't stay long.)

Tyler spotted the flag atop the hay bale castle, so he had to scale it and point it out to the world. Kristen joined in the fun.

Also, do you see the fake-worn out spots in her jeans? They are all Texas-shaped. I think she wants to move out here with us.

Our best attempt at a family picture. Do you know, we don't have a single picture with all four of us yet?

Lots of Eatoughs!

We helped Grandma and Grandpa pick out pumpkins, and harrassed Kristen and Richard at their respective posts (they both have afterschool jobs there). Fun times!

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The Coxes said...

I can't believe the goats ate her sock - that's crazy!