Friday, July 30, 2010

Go Go Go Joe!

When I was 13, my Grandma Sandi took me to a U of R productions of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and I've been hooked ever since. Of course I wanted to share the amazing-ness of it all with everyone I knew. When our community theater put it on the next year, I dragged my sister Lauren to see it. Unfortunately, the talent in a community theater production didn't quite make the impression I wanted it to (she laughed through it like I laughed all through Twilight, in a this-is-so-bad-I-can't-believe-it way).

So when I fell in love with McKay, I naturally wanted him to see Joseph (both men being important to me), but I had learned my lesson. You can't build up the awesomeness of a Broadway level Joseph and then have your would-be convert see a high school drama class production. I bided my time, and nearly five years later, it paid off. The Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth put on Joseph, and since the lead female was Broadway's longest running Belle from Beauty and the Beast, it met my standards. We left the babies with Grandma and bottles and ventured out for our first date night since Jamie was born.

It. Was. Amazing.

The hall is HUGE.

One of the great things about the show it that it is a very silly show, so each production adds funny things. Our show had:

  • Jacob giving Joseph a Wii

  • Potiphar being Donald Trump

  • The country hoedown dancers pausing to shout out "The stars at night are big and bright..."

I wish we had more pictures, but the old lady ushers were a bit Nazi about their no pictures policy. Still, we snuck a few.

Afterwards, some of the cast came out to meet the die hard fans. We thought about joining them, but as you can see, no one came out in costume, and we realized that our seats were so far in the back that we wouldn't recognize Joseph unless he was actually wearing his amazing technicolor dreamcoat. As we walked past them, I heard a few teenage girls giggling over Gad. I laughed, but then I remembered being quite smitten with Benjamin myself at the U of R production.

We had a great night out, and I am glad to report that McKay liked it. My only regret is that I did not buy this shirt, or even get a decent picture of it:

It says "I am handsome, I am smart, I'm a walking work of art."


The Grandmoo said...

oh Katie, how terrific that you got to share Joseph with MckaY. I am also glad you waited for a good production. The last Joseph I saw was done by Redlands 2 ward and it really lacked the polish we always remember with Joseph. It is always fun singing the songs as one drives down the street. Love the photos. Grandmoo

The Desatoff Family said...

I just laughed out loud at that t-shirt! I need to have it. I am a die-hard Joseph fan just like you and I'm so glad it was up to "Joseph" standards :) Love ya!