Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dear Grandma,

We got a package in the mail today:

Tyler was very excited

until he realized it was all dresses for Jamie

so he repacked it all

but Jamie and I loved it.

My friend Julie told me that we have baby girls because we outgrow dressing up our baby dolls, and I'd have to agree. Jamie has been unnecessarily changed in and out of so many outfits, just for fun, and this new box of Sunday dresses is going to entertain me and annoy Jamie for the rest of the day.

Love you!

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The Grandmoo said...

oh poor Tyler, he must have been so upset. I can see it on his face, "GIRLS'S STUFF". UGH! I love dressing up girl babies, so I know how fun it could be. You and Jamie have fun, now. Love ya