Thursday, October 1, 2009

It Starts

I cannot even express how excited I am for the holiday season to begin.

Tyler and I have been waiting all week for Oct. 1 to get all our spooky decor out. And this is just the tame, tasteful Halloween stuff. We haven't gotten into the spider webs and ghosts to hang out on our porch and front window...yet.

Each year, around the beginning of October, I have a moment where the transition from normal person to haul-out-the-holly and deck-the-halls happens. This year, it happened when I passed a holiday-themed Airwick display at the grocery store. It was instantaneous.

Christmas music on the radio! Presents! Baking! Christmas trees, ornaments, family gatherings, love, cute nativity scenes, mistletoe!

I bought two refills for my living room air freshener, Vanilla Indulgence and Fresh-baked Gingerbread. I am perfectly aware and okay with the fact that I am playing right into the manufacturer's hands.

Happy October, everyone!


The Desatoff Family said...

Don't be ashamed, Katie! I say you blast "Thriller" and dance around the house with Tyler while Halloween cookies are baking in the oven :) I wait all year for this lineup - Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

Cindy said...

I beat you, my dear--I started putting up my decorations last week! However, I am still collecting...
I love all your stuff though!!!

The Grandmoo said...

Hi Katie Just to say WOW its so much fun to decorate for the holidays.Your ideas are just perfect. Things like that make so many great memories and start great traditions that you will have for always. Tyler will be so happy to continue those memories as he grows up. HaVE fUN. Love you and looking so forward to your visit. Take care. Your Grand