Sunday, October 11, 2009

Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week:

1) The name of our airplane that took us to California:

2) Tyler being spoiled senseless by out of state grandparents:

3) My beautiful new apron from my sister Kimmy:

4) My sister Kristin tearing it up on the soccer field:

5) All the Eatough family in one place for Lauren's baby shower, all bellies included (some husbands not):

Hurray for quick trips home, and for peaceful flights (thank you, Tyler for being so obsessed with looking out the window that you forgot to get antsy and grumpy).


Cindy said...

Thank you dear Katie for being so good about documenting the life of you & your family! It makes being apart (just a little) less hard :):):)

The Grandmoo said...

so glad I got to see and visit with you and Tyler. Tyler just gets cuter and more special every time I see him. You did a great job with the baby shower and the games were so much fun. I know our Lala was excited. How great it was to see all 6 of you and the 3 cousins together. Really special. Love to you all. take care your GMA

The Parsons said...

um yeah, that better not be our christmas card picture.
I love the picture of me and tyler :]

Mom said...