Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Family "Onion"

At our 1997 Eatough Reunion, my younger sister Kristen (who was four) called it the family "onion." We just had another this past weekend, and there were Eatoughs coming out of the wood work. There were about 100 of us from three generations, all descended from Richard II, my Great-Grandpa Eatough.

Here's out lovely family (minus Kim and Lauren, who couldn't make it). EVERYONE stayed at our tiny little apartment. We had two toddlers, two teenagers, two grandparents and more, if you can imagine the chaos. Oh, and our apartment does not have A/C, and it's July. Hurray for more body heat!

Uncle Gordy, Aunt Mel and Robin.

My uncles (who planned the reunion) rented Jolly Ranch on Friday for everyone to hang out at. There was a wading creek, a park, a huge pavillion, big fields and a camping area.

Tyler and Adam wore themselves out inspecting every inch of it.

We're glad so many were able to come spend time with us, but we're also pretty relieved to have our house to ourselves again :)

And a big thanks to Aunt Kristen (the onion sister) who stayed with us for a week before the reunion. We miss you! Yard sales won't be the same without you!


Mom said...

good times, nice to be home. Miss my Tywers!

The Parsons said...

Tardy Face!!
i love you