Saturday, July 18, 2009

California Trip Dos

It's a good summer to get married! Here's some pictures of Mary Anne Case Byer's wedding (#2 out of 4 we've been invited to so far this summer). I have known this girl since fourth grade, when I stole some Jolly Ranchers out of her bag on the school bus.

at her bridal shower.

Left to right: Brittany Ellis, Mary Anne, me, Shaundra Palhegyi. All friends since grade school.

This was my present to Mary Anne. She opened it, gasped, put it back in the bag, and said "Thank you, Katie!!" before any mothers or grandmothers could see what it was :)

the wedding.

I didn't get any pictures of the actual ceremony, which was at Kimberly Crest, but this was Tyler's little wedding outfit. Cute little man!

Kristen and I at the ceremony. We got asked three times if we were twins.

the reception.

Lauren and me at the reception. Her little preggo belly is getting so cute! She and her hubby Brandon found out last week that it's going to be a girl! They decided on Annie Skye Parsons for her name.

Mary Anne and Robbie.

High fives for Shaundra, for a job well done as maid of honor.


Swimming in Grandma's pool.

Oh, if only any of these three could reach that tennis ball.

going home.

Fun times at Circus Circus! Aunt Kristen drove home with us, and is staying at our place until my family comes up on Wednesday for the Eatough family reunion! Woo!


Milloy Family said...

First of all, I want to know what you gave Mary Ann. And second, who's black dog was in mom's backyard? Looks like a fun weekend - so sad I couldn't come visit too!

The Parsons said...

SHOOT we're hot!