Saturday, June 6, 2009

Losing with Style

We're attempting to be more active this summer than we were last year, so McKay and I signed up for the BYU intramural sports teams. McKay is doing softball, and (surprise, surprise) I'm doing soccer.

McKay's action shot.

Tyler went up and down the sidelines during McKay's games, collecting all the spare softballs, which you can see piled up by his feet. For some reason, all my soccer pictures turned out fuzzy, so here's some clips of my sweet soccer action.

Unfortunately, both our teams have been eliminated from their respective tournaments. My final game was just last night; we lost 7-1, and so our season is over. The other team stuck an Amazon woman on me for the whole game, and I think it was her goal to see how many times she could push me without the referees noticing. Here are my battle wounds:

When she rammed me down, I could hear McKay's indignant yells at the girl from the sidelines. And because of that, my rage at this girl was overshadowed by my thankfulness for such a good hubby, someone who is genuinely upset to see me hurt or sad, and ready to take on my attackers for me, whether in real life or in a game, female or not.

But next time, I'm pulling a Zidane.

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