Friday, June 26, 2009

The King is Dead

Dear MJ,

Thank you for your music. Thank you for the moonwalk. I hope you like your old nose better this time around. Thank you for writing "Beat It," so my brother Richard and his friend Collier could have a dance-off replica of the music video at my wedding reception, and also so my sister Lauren and I could break it down at the end.

0:00 Collier's Dance
0:17 The challenge
0:18 Richard's Dance, featuring his crazy tap dance
0:38 Straight out of the music video
1:26 Me and Lauren breakin' it down

We'll miss you.

Katie Hinckley


The Grandmoo said...

Hi Katie,
Really liked your letter to MJ. I also hope that he likes his old nose better this time around. Thriller is my favorite from Mr Jackson. He was really a fantastic entertainer and a sad individual for his life. His music will last forever. Love you much, Your Granmoo

Thomas and Melissa said...

Dear Katie,

Thank you for you letter and for the sweet tunes that you have on your blog. Macey and I have been turning on your blog for the last few days and rocking out for at least an hour a day. She is MJ's newest fan because of your blog. Thanks.

Yours always,
Melissa (and Macey)

The Coxes said...

I remember your dance very well, and I'm pretty sure I have footage of it, too, somewhere!!!! It was awesome! Kendy :)