Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hurricane (hûr-ri-kin)

We spent conference weekend at my beautiful sister Robin's home in Hurricane. Not only did it snow for most of the trip down, Tyler got sick ten minutes before we arrived. In spite of all this, we had a great weekend! My whole family except Kim was there, even Lauren, who made a surprise appearance the next morning with her nicely growing belly! Kristen and Robin share my obsession with yard-saling, so the three of us plus Daddy were out bright and early Saturday morning to all two of Hurricane's yard sales. I slacked on picture taking duty, but we managed to snag a few:Me and Lauren, who was doing a Little Mermaid pose to show off her tummy.

We had a hard time getting a good picture. Sorry, Lauren!

We went to the movies to see Knowing, and it seriously took all three of us (me, Lauren and Kristen) to decide on a candy.

Robin made these amazing cinnamon rolls on Sunday morning. I was especially impressed because I have never made cinnamon rolls that turned out well. So once we got home, I decided to give Robin's recipe a try. After an entire afternoon spent baking and several frantic phone calls to Hurricane, I am pleased to present these beauties:

We smothered these with obscene amounts of cream cheese frosting, and they were heavenly. Thanks, Robin!


Milloy Family said...

Oh I am so sad we were unable to join the family reunion in Hurkin! Those cinnamon rolls are to die for - you are giving Cinnabon a run for their money! Love you and miss you!

Thomas and Melissa said...

I love you and your cinnaBUNS.

Cindy said...

It looks like you had a REALLY fun time! Did you find anything at the two yard sales? Those cinnamon rolls do look dangerous!

The Desatoff Family said...
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The Desatoff Family said...

YAY! I was wondering how the cinnamon rolls came out :) They are beautiful! I was so happy you guys were able to come down for conference. It was SO fun to have everyone here all at once. I am sorry Tyler was sick, but what a trooper he was, so happy anyway!

PS - Those cinnamon rolls are deadly. I have been on the treadmill all week trying to undo the damage!