Monday, February 2, 2009


We went sledding up in Provo Canyon on Saturday, and had so much fun. Well, McKay and I did. Tyler wasn't too fond of going down icy hills at break-neck speed on a piece of plastic. He did like walking in the snow, though, so everyone had a good time! I made a fun little movie for it.

The falls were gorgeous, half frozen but still flowing.


Scott & Gini Berrett said...

you guys make awesome videos! it also looks like you had a lot of fun!

The Grandmoo said...

Hi Katie, Wow you guys look like you were really having fun. Tyler seems to love to walk in the snow, up and down the sled path. It really is beautiful in Provo Canyon, all the snow and waterfalls. Loved talking with you on the phone today. Tyler is just adorable and fun to see what he is up too. I love you guys,
Take care, Your Grandmoo

The Coxes said...

Katie - looks like you guys had fun! I loved all the clips of Tyler waddling around in the snow and sucking on his gloves. :) Kendy