Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Toys!

With our old camera acting up, and it being so ugly outside, I haven't posted any pictures of our new car yet, so here it is:

After we totaled our Hyundai in December, we spent a few weeks between the semesters car shopping (using Aunt Judy and Uncle Delbert's car, they are wonderful!). We found our 2005 Grand Am up in Salt Lake City. It used to be a rental car, so it's really been taken care of.

And it has a fun spoiler too so we can pretend we're cool.

In addition to our new car, we also have joined the 21st century and bought a laptop! McKay is particularly enjoying it. I got a new toy too, a new camera! (Can you tell? I think these pictures look so much better!)

And as for Tyler, he got a balloon from the salesmen at Best Buy, and a day later, he's still ecstatic.


The Grandmoo said...

How adorable you look in your victory role. Looks like you guys had a blast! Your new car looks wonderful. Drive careful, please!
Love to you all, Gramoo

The Desatoff Family said...

Balloons are the BEST entertainment! And they last for days :)

Vincent Family said...

Congrads on all the new toys!! I think I like the baloon the best :)) (j/k) New cars are ALways fun arn't they!

David said...

Wow on both counts! The car is so nice, and we always like you to have a nice camera (the better to see you with)!

David said...

Wait--why do my comments say they are from David??? This is Cindy writing!