Sunday, November 9, 2008

I got tagged to do a survey about McKay, but this one we stole from David and Marie is more fun because it includes McKay's answers! My answers are in normal font, and his are in bold.

Four random things about my husband/wife:

1. He likes to go fishing with his man friends on Provo River at midnight, or later. Apparently, this is the best time to go
a. While sleeping, she has attempted to look up a customer’s account info (what she did at work) by changing the settings on our alarm clock, told me there are ducks (or something) walking on our ceiling (“I heard them!”), and told me about her being a lumberjack.

2. He played the bass trombone in the BYU marching band.
a. She picks up any book in the house (and she’s read all of them except my Hugh Nibleys), opens to any random page, and starts reading. She finishes the book, then starts over and reads only up to where she started.

3. He has a permanent bump on his right shoulder.
a. Yeah? Well she has dents in her shins that only show up when she twists her legs a certain way.

4. His very first kiss and his wedding kiss were the same kind—just a peck.
a. When she was pregnant she went through a Kraft Mac & Cheese phase, comparing it to lobster ravioli at Macaroni Grill, even though she hated mac & cheese before then, and hates it today.

Four Movies I could watch more than once:

1. A&E Pride & Prejudice (And I did. I got this from the library once and played it every day for two weeks, just for the background noise.)
a. Across the Universe

2. The Princess Bride. Need I say more?
a. In America

3. Orange County.
a. Braveheart

4. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, hands down.
a. Forrest Gump

Four TV shows I watch:

1. The Office
a. The Office

2. Arrested Development
a. Arrested Development (can you tell we watch these together?)

3. Rachael Ray (I love the things on this show, but the woman bothers me so much.)
a. American Idol

4. 24 (woo-hoo!)
a. Oh yeah, and 24.

Four places I have been:

1. Florida
a. Long Beach, California (mission)

2. Jolly, Texas
a. Breckenridge, Colorado (skiing)

3. Zzyzx, California
a. Chicago & Nauvoo, Illinois

4. Europe
a. Ohio

Four people who email me regularly:

1. McKay
a. Fox Sports (my fantasy football league)

2. Facebook
a. BYU Communications

3. Barack Obama (though not so much since Tuesday)
a. BYU Advertising Lab

4. Myself (I email things to myself to save them when I’m on a different computer)
a. Kendy (weekly update)

Four foods I like to eat:

1. Sub-Zero Ice Cream
a. Whatever has the chicken and prosciutto at Macaroni Grill

2. Salty French Fries
a. Seriously, any kind of ice cream, but with a special nod to root beer or orange floats, and, of course, anything Blue Bell

3. J-Dawgs (Banana Peppers and Secret Sauce!)
a. Oh man, J-Dawgs

4. Lobster Ravioli
a. Cream pies

Four places I'd like to visit:

1. New York
a. New York

2. Washington D.C.
a. Washington D.C. (Smithsonian, especially though)

3. Hawaii
a. Europe

4. Italy
a. Anywhere else that requires a passport

Four things I am looking forward to this year (Now till November 2009):

1. Going to Texas for Thanksgiving (two weeks!!)
a. Only till November? Fine- being 1 month away from graduating and being done with school forever

2. Going to California for Christmas
a. Doing an internship

3. Our internship in New York or Chicago
a. Traveling to Texas and California for the holidays and Patrick’s wedding

4. Graduating next December (I know this doesn’t count, but YAY!!)
a. Tyler turning 2. It’s gonna be great.

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The Grandmoo said...

You two are too funny.. love your answers. You have great goals for 2009. I am so glad you are coming here for Christmas,. so looking forward to see the three of you
and of course Mr Tyler. Love you lots!!

GGMA & David