Monday, November 3, 2008


McKay and his Quailman.

My monstrosity...bwahaha.


We decided Tyler was a little young for trick-or-treating, so we went to the Provo River Halloween Cruise instead, which, despite its corny reputation, was fun for a Halloween night out! We rode on an engine-less boat (the captain pulled the boat down the river with ropes that were strung all along it) with about thirty other people. The banks of the river were decorated with all kinds of jack-o-lanterns, carved upside-down so we could see the reflections in the water right-side-up. Then we got attacked by a pirate, who told a bunch of terrible pirate jokes (think anything that could sound like "arrrr,"), and at the end, our captain told us the Legend of Sleepy Hallow in a very scary voice. All in all, it was pretty silly, but a fun thing to do. Tyler loved the pirate and all the jack-o-lanterns, and I bet he enjoyed it more than he would have liked trick-or-treating.

How was everyone else's Halloweens?


Milloy Family said...

You guys are hysterical! Is that Doug the Quailman? I forgot about that show!

Cindy said...

I can't stay away from your blog, it is so much fun! I love your pumpkins, and the description of your cruise!

Leah and Ryan said...

THIS IS TOO MUCH FUN! you guys are too cute for your own good!

The Grandmoo said...

Hello Katie, Mckay and Tyler
How fun you guys Halloween sounds and I love the pictures. Tyler made a great Monkey, so cute! I love your blog and it is so much fun learning about your adventures. It makes me feel closer to you guys since we are in different states. Love you so much. Take Care! GGMA