Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 24 - August 30

Sunday August 24: After church, we met some friends from Fort Worth for a fun afternoon in Uptown at the trolley, the splashpad, and the Dallas Museum of Art.

Monday August 25: First day of school for me! It was a simple 2 hour elective class first thing int he morning, and then I spent the rest of the day on campus getting organized. That night, Jamie’s school held their annual ice cream social to meet the teachers and to explore the school. We met Jamie’s pre-K teacher, Ms. Seiffort, who is so cute; Jamie was so excited to learn that she would be in Ms. Seiffort’s class because she had already bonded with her at the pre-K evaluation last spring J

Tuesday, August 26: McKay had a super busy day off. He started it off with a parent teacher conference with Jamie’s new teacher, and then ran many, many errands to get all the last minute things for Jamie: a clothing boutique, a uniform store, and Target twice were among the stops. He even arranged childcare for Jamie after school because my crazy first week of school had me staying in class until five on most days this first week. What an excellent man I married J I had my first Women’s Health lab all morning, basically just orientation and meeting the faculty who will be taking us through Parkland. That night McKay gave Jamie a start of school blessing, which was awfully sweet. She was pretty excited because she had seen Tyler get his a few weeks earlier.  

Wednesday, August 27: Jamie’s first day of school! She looked so darling in her full uniform.

Here is our morning schedule: we are up by 6:00, leave the house by 7:00 (to beat the traffic and the school zones that wake up at 7:15), arrive at Jamie’s school by 7:15 and Tyler’s by 7:30 (so they both have time to eat breakfast at school because they never eat the toast I make them here), and then I am on my way to my school by 7:40, hopefully arriving in time for my 8:00 class to start. This is all ideal of course, and doesn’t take into account any mishaps or any little boys who pull the covers back over their heads when I turn on his bedroom lamp (by the way, is he six or sixteen??). I had Adult Health in the morning and then Womens Health lecture in the afternoon. We learned some cool birthing techniques, and practiced giving massages, and all were pleased.

Thursday, August 28: Today was sort of awful at school. We had Adult lab topics all day, in uniform with our skills bag, just sitting in the auditorium for eight hours. We were so grumpy. Add to the mix that the lecturers seemed pretty disorganized, and changed all the notes that morning, after we had all been studying the OLD notes for days…there may have been audible dismay by the end.

Friday, August 29: I had a fun skills labs for adult lab, learning IV piggy back, IV push, and central line dressing changes. I couldn’t believe how laid back the whole thing was. J1 skill check offs were about the most stressful thing I’ve ever been through, and was expecting this to be round 2, but the professors were super chill. They taught the skill, then read through the instructions as we performed each step as a group, and that was it! They signed us off right there and then. It was actually fun, and I feel like I just might retain the skills since my mind didn’t go blank with terror during it J

Saturday, August 30: The kids and I spent the morning in Plano at Joshua’s super hero birthday party.

We visited a few Labor Day sales, Bath and Body Works, and Macey’s. McKay and I went on a date night, out to eat at Cane Rosso while Tyler Hokenson watched the kids. It was a lovely Deep Ellum evening, but I was so sleepy from my crazy week that I was practically falling asleep in my Neopolitan pizza J

Funny Things:

Tyler and Jamie were playing with army guys together: "Jamie, you’re an army guy."  "I’m not! I'm an angry girl!"

When I try to make Jamie say thank you or hi to anyone, she pulls a face at me and says "Mom, you're making me weird!" This must mean shy??

We have some odd turkey-ducks that live in our neighborhood that have no regard for traffic laws :) 
Tyler often stays up late past his bedtime getting into mischief. One night he stayed up late barricading his door with a sign that says "You can come in" :)

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