Tuesday, April 8, 2014

March 16 - March 22

Sunday March 16: It was my Sunday to teach in YW, My lesson was about grace, a favorite topic of mine. I used a really lovely video from Elder Holland about the grace of the Savior, and I think the lesson went over well. McKay and the kids stayed home with colds, poor guys.

Monday March 17: The first day back at school for Tyler and I. Life is just hard sometimes. Luckily it was also St. Patrick's day, and that made getting up and getting dressed a bit more fun for the kids (and me)! Here they are, getting their 3% of Irishness out!

Demon Irish Hound?

Tuesday March 18: McKay and Jamie did their usual Tuesday activities, library, grocery store:
which always looks way more fun than what I'm usually doing at the same time: 
Lots of pharm notes today on lots of cardiovascular drugs (I sent this picture to McKay, and he said he loved how it's enshrouded in inky darkness as if it just emerged from some evil dark abyss. McKay and Jamie picked me up from school for a lovely lunch date at Smashburger. 
Jamie spent most of the lunch wrapping herself in my scarf.

Wednesday March 19: McKay sent me this crazy picture of a whale’s heart while I studied the cardiovascular drugs. 

This is...unsettling. What's their heart beat per minute? What's the stroke volume, for goodness sake!  (*McKay has informed me the beats per minute for a blue whale is six. SIX!)

We had our YW activity at the church that night about family history. I finally finished my shelves, and after the kids went to sleep, McKay and I watched Before Midnight, the last of this really good movies trilogy about a couple who randomly meet in Vienna. Watch it! McKay grilled steaks for dinner with his new steak rub from Fort Worth, and it was sooooo good.

Thursday March 20: Tyler’s school had a Zoo day where the zoo came over with lots of baby animals. He’s been counting down the days since last month, so this was pretty much the most exciting thing ever. Jamie and I played Jamie Princess Memory all morning long, and a lot of the night after Tyler and McKay left.

The only difference between this and normal Memory is that we play with the cards face up. It makes the game enjoyable with a 3 year old :) Since Jamie is not familiar with most of the Princesses she has her own names for the characters:
"Two cups with the red roses."

"The Golden Teas."

"The Mama Tea and the Baby Tea"

"The pillows with two shoes on them."


 I had precinicals at hospital to pick my patient's information for the next day. While I stayed home to put my preclinical paperwork together, McKay and Tyler went to a Mavericks game that night. McKay sent me these pictures, and this basically sums up the night:

Apparently the "Happy" song was on, and Tyler was really feeling it.

Friday March 21: Another clinical day! This turned out to be a hard day for me. I think its going to be important for me to learn to deal with other people's pain. That is all. With all our car switching from day to day, we were finding ourselves stuck at times without carseats when we needed them. Hence, McKay took Jamie to pick out a new booster seat, mainly to use as a backup in McKay's car when I need him to pick up the kids unexpectedly. Jamie is very excited, even if she has to wait until June to use it everyday. This does not stop her from asking to take the white car every morning :)

Saturday March 22: I spent the morning making the kids clean up their rooms really well. Predictably, this took the entire morning. Then, once the horrible times were over, we were off to the Hamilton's Crawfish boil.

After the kids went to sleep, we watched Dallas Buyer’s Club, and it was amazing. Jared Leto was so fabulous :) It was also pretty cool to know all the places they were talking about, being right here in Dallas. I realized that all the gay clubs they were frequenting to find customers were probably just one street south of us, on Cedar Springs, fondly known as the Gay-borhood.

Funny Things:

Text from McKay: "Ya know that age old rhetorical question "if an idiot dog came across a cup of craisins, would he eat them?" Well, we now know the answer. It's a resounding YES. Every single one of them."

Jamie insisted on putting her own shirt on, and it took her three fifteen minute tries. 

But she absolutely refused help.

I tried over and over to get good pictures of Tyler and Jamie playing with all the other kids, and each time the merry go round came around again, Eli stuck his face right in the camera lens with this huge goofy but purposeful grin:
I seriously had like 12 of these pictures of him.
"Jamie! Look over here! Jam--ELI!"

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