Friday, November 4, 2011


(Halloween and birthdays to come - camera cord still MIA!)

Lucky girl Jamie had her 15 month check up yesterday, complete with six shots and blood work. She has been one sad and sick little girl since then. We spent most of the night cuddling in her rocking chair, trying to break her fever. Better one feverish night than polio, right? Today she is still clingy and quick to cry, but she's starting to play on her own again.

One of the nurses gave Tyler a blue tape measure, and he has been measuring everyone since then: I am 72, Jamie is 104, and McKay is 7.

We took down our Halloween decorations on Wednesday to Christmas music. Didn't you know? On Nov 1 it becomes legal to listen to Christmas music at any hour of the day. Or all hours of the day, if you live in our house.

Happy November everyone!!

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Mom said...

I'm so proud! My poor Mamies! :-((