Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This pop isn't working, Benny! I'm baking like a toasted Cheese-It, it's so hot here!

Hello August!
Today will have a high of 108!
Tomorrow gets even better with a high of 110!

Just two days in and you've worn out your welcome.

Today is the much anticipated 32nd consecutive day over 100 degrees, the second longest streak in Texas history. Now we're all on the edge of our seats to see if we can beat the summer
of 1980, where it stayed over 100 degrees for 42 days!

As exciting as all of that is, it has inspired us to flee the state for the rest of the month.


The Desatoff Family said...

Oh Katie! When I feel like our 100+ degree weather is too much to bear I think of you and your added humidity on top of the 100+ temperature. I hope you take some time to find "THE POOL HONEYS!!!"

Kim said...

Bahaha- my silly sisters... quoting "The Sandlot". Yesterday, the news said the Dallas Fort Worth area was shattering heat records with a record high of 113 degrees. I said, "Oh, poor Katie" out loud to no one. I remember the forecasters in Arizona with their tickers of how many days we had been over 100 degrees - so depressing! 113 in Phoenix was brutal, but 113 in humid Texas? It's time to pack up the car and come out here to mildly warm, sunny Southern California where your children can play outside during the summer like they should! Can't wait til you're here!

Mom said...

Escape to California..down to 65 at night,your own personal pool, Grandma on call 24-7, NO HUMIDITY, Richard, Kim, Grandpa, Annie Skyy, Lauren, NO HUMIDITY.