Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunshine and Strawberries

Our little bay window area has become our favorite part of the house in the last few weeks. We throw open both windows and watch the world outside. We get the sunshine, fresh air, new environment without having to put pants on (on Jamie, at any rate). It's the perfect height for Jamie to hold onto the ledge, peek outside and shriek at people walking by (then we duck so they don't see us spying on them), and Tyler counts the cars, tells me what they are and what color they are, and then he tells me stories about what the squirrels outside are up to.

We get our snacks ready, take them over to the little corner windows and park it for an hour or two. (On this particular day, Tyler had a leftover Mickey Mouse cookie from a birthday party that week, and Jamie had strawberries. Yum!)

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