Thursday, December 2, 2010

Haul out the Holly

Our Christmas tree came out late this year - TWO days after Thanksgiving, unfortunately. Of course, we didn't actually have a tree until then. However late it was, we had fun putting it up!

This may have been the best day in Tyler's memory. He was SO excited about putting the star on the top of the tree. It looked great, but only after we messed around with it for twenty minutes. (How do normal people keep the star on the tree? We had to tie it up with yarn and nail the other end of the yarn into the ceiling.)

The rest of our decorations are coming, but Christmas is being overshadowed by the potty training hoopla over here. More to come on that when it actually starts to move forward.

1 comment:

The Grandmoo said...

Your tree looks great Already. Tyler is so cute and excited.
I had a tree once that ended being crooked. I haqd to tie it to a plant hanger hook in the ceiling to make it stay upright. That's when I was in my apartment in Riverside. Too funny!!