Thursday, November 4, 2010

Free Holiday Cards!

Have any if you heard about this offer from Shutterfly? Fifty FREE holiday cards! All you have
to do is write up a blog post about your favorites from their website, and why you like them (thus, this post) and you're golden!

The only problem is that there are about 500 different designs to choose from, and envelopes too. Normally I'll just go for the cheapest (but still cute) one available, but now I have to actually decide!

I think I like this one the best. It has enough photo spaces for each member of our family:

But these are the runner-ups. I love the multiple pictures again, and the Santa belt is so cute.


Decisions, decisions.

The funny thing is, they also have cards for Thanksgiving, which is a holiday that normally doesn't earn a card send-off, but if they're free, hey, why not? They've also got Hanukkah cards fr my Uncle Freddy and Aunt Joy.

Go check it out here!


Cindy said...

They are all so cute! I like the middle one, but any of them would be wonderful.

The Desatoff Family said...

They are all super cute! I may have to dust off the cobwebs from my blog to get in on this...

Kristin said...

That is perfect, we signed up tp try it but it said it would take them 2 days to send us the information, so hopefully it will work! Thanks for passing the deal along. Your kids are adorable. We miss you guys!