Monday, September 27, 2010

A Name and a Blessing

Our beautiful girl was blessed in church yesterday:

Ms. Jamie Addison Claire Hinckley

He was joined by our bishop, our home teacher, a few friends, and McKay's dad and brother. We are so lucky to be in the church, to have our little babies blessed by the priesthood so early in their lives. It's also a wonderful reminder to us as parents that we are not her only parents, that Heavenly Father loves her as well and is watching over her with us, and helping us to know the best way to raise her.

McKay gave her a beautiful blessing, and she didn't cry (unlike Tyler who yelled all through his). According to her grandpa, McKay's dad, she grabbed the pinky finger of the man holding the microphone for McKay and held his hand all through her blessing, and that is so like her. We are so happy she is in our family. We already can't imagine our life without her sweet little smile.

PS: Our couches look really gross in that picture, but remember, we just had them cleaned last week in the great poison ivy purge of 2010.


Cindy said...

Okay, I NEED that picture of Jamie in her blessing dress! How can I get one???

The Desatoff Family said...

Love love love that sweet Jamie! Can't wait to meet her next week :) And that little hat is ADORABLE!!

Scott and Jen Driggs said...

Hi Katie! This is Jen Driggs. I sneak a peak at your blog through Marie's...and I just have to tell you how beautifully ADORABLE your little Jamie is! Where did you get that little hat?? Aubrey's blessing is on the 10th and I would love to find some cute things for her!

By the way, are you guys doing BabyWise again? We did...and she's doing 12 hours at night...hooray!

Judy said...

What an adorable blessing outfit! She is so beautiful!