Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our Garden

We decided it was time to test our green thumbs again this year, and it turned out well compared to our first year we were married, when our only produce was a tomato that ended up bitten by a dog. We got a good bunch of carrots and cucumbers! Once again, though, our tomatoes weren't destined to survive, but this time it was death by our three-year-old neighbor. Those little green guys were too tempting not to pick!


Vincent Family said...

ok the carrots look edible but I have to say those are funniest cucmber balls I have ever seen!! Congrads on the garden - I am so jealous!!

Jaymie said...

I didn't know you had a blog until I found it on facebook. That is neat that you got so much from your garden. If you want tomatoes, you should come visit me at my parents' in Draper. We have too many tomatoes right now and need people to pick them.

The Coxes said...

Those are some nice-looking carrots and cucumbers!! I'm jealous! Kendy :)